Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Let It Snow" - Boyz II Men

Wow, what a day! The weather peeps were predicting 100% chance of snow with a 3-5" accumulation in our area. Boy where they right! As soon as I got to school around 7:15 this morning, it started to come down. The kids were super excited as were most of the teachers. :)

We kept hearing that other schools were being released at 12 or 1 but not us! Students were allowed to go home if their parents picked them up but the bus schedule was running at the normal time. Luckily, our principal allowed us to leave about 1:45 so I was able to get outta dodge.

It was a fun day because many of my students hadn't seen snow like that. When the students dwindled down, we took some of them outside to have a snowball fight. They had a blast! It was nice to hear their laughter.

Got to my mom in laws house to pick up the little dude and decided to hop in the hot tub! Had a wonderful time with her and little dude. Yes, he joined us in the hot tub but believe it or not, he got out because it was too hot! :)  See pictures below of Judy and Nathan in the hot tub.

When Nate got home, we decided to get out in the snow and play with Nathan. We had a fun snowball fight and attempted to build a snowman. Nate built the base too big and our hands got too cold and painful. Believe it or not, we even have a sled in our garage from the previous owners of our home.  Nate pulled Nathan around in the sled for awhile. What a fun day! My sis in law is right - these are the kinds of days that memories are made.

Food wise, I did really well. I have determined to win our Biggest Loser contest at school. The pot is up to $250 and apparently, it's anyones game! I really hope I can win that. I have 3 more weigh ins so it's possible! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


What can I say? I have disappointed you. And for that, I apologize. Life kind of got in the way a little bit. BUT, I'm back so I'll try to be better and I appreciate your patience. Let's see if I can remember some of the things in the past couple of weeks.

Week 4
January 30th - lost 3 lbs. for a total of 15.2
This is the week where I kinda fell off the bandwagon, journaling-wise. For me, whenever I've done WW in the past, this seems to be the beginning of my decline. I refuse to let that happen this time. I am so committed to this, it's not even a second thought now.

Week 5
February 6th - gained .2 lbs
Again, symbolizing a decline. I am lucky it was only .2 that I gained and it was the worst feeling. Even thought it was only .2, I began to realize that if I really want to lose this weight and commit myself, I have to make changes, not only in my eating habits but my thinking as well. I HAVE to write it all down or I will succumb to failure once again and I refuse to let that happen. My son also got glasses this weekend. Bless his heart, his left eye is lazy and would turn in when focusing on something. The Dr. determined that his left eye was a 20/200 which means he could see the big "E" and that's it. He looks so darn cute with them and has taken to them quite well.

Week 6 - February 13th - No data
So, this was the weekend I went to visit my best friends, Thomas and Becky, in Dickinson, TX, down by Galveston. I kinda went overboard the day before so I decided that I still needed to go to my meeting and use my No Weigh-In pass. This is a one time only pass that you can use where if you know it'll be a bad weigh in, you can choose not to weigh in and just pay for the meeting. Thomas told me to take the GPS with me so I could find my way easily. I told him that I would be fine. Damn that boy, I should've listened to him. There was so much construction that I was so lost. I could not find it to save my life. I even stopped at a Chick-fil-a to ask if anyone knew where it was and it was kind of funny because all these thin people were like, "No, I don't know where that is" lol. I guarantee if I had run into someone hefty, they might've known. Felt a little judged by them but it's not like I'm ever going to see those people again. So I never got a chance to weigh-in in Houston.

BUT, I am very proud of myself because I know I messed up on Friday so after my disastrous try to find WW, I stopped at HEB and got a few healthy items like some oatmeal and snack bars to keep me sane. :) We also stopped at McAllisters for lunch on Saturday and I chose a healthier option (can't really remember what I had) And then Thomas cooked an amazing dinner for us that I limited myself on. I am really proud of myself. Even though it wasn't a perfect weekend, that's what the program is about.

Week 7
February 20th (Happy Birthday, Dad!) lost 1.6 for a total of 16.6
I was so thrilled to step on that scale and see a loss. I did well for most of this week. Parent Conferences were on Thursday night and that just drains you. I had 2 slices of pizza because I got weak. Then we went to Roadhouse afterwards with our dear friend, Johnny, and I stupidly ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich. I picked at it a little and then got a box for it. I was just tired and not in the right mind-set.
Then Friday rolls around and it was a co-workers birthday. I love my little group at work because we always do a special lunch for their birthday. They did one for me and it meant the world to me! For her, it was Tacos so I made a taco salad and ate some cheesecake....then later, went back for a second slice of cheesecake. I wasn't feeling well so I went home right after work.

In my personal life, things are going quite well! Trying to keep the house clean is saving me a lot of stress, believe it or not. Pine-sol is my new best friend haha. Nathan is getting to be such an awesome young dude. Looked into some pre-schools for him for next year. I had no idea that your child can't go to a public pre-school unless you meet income requirements. That doesn't quite seem fair to me but I'm middle class so I should be used to by now.  We've been doing some home renovations lately that are so much fun. Between our dining room and living room was a giant wall. Well, we decided to put a hole in it. See pictures below:

Before (when we first painted it)

View from the dining room when we first painted.

Our little hole in the wall! Nate wants to have a sign made. :) This is the view from the living room to dining room. It opens up the room so much more!

And here is my Bubby (Nathan) with his new glasses. What a sharp lookin' kid! :)
Well thanks for being patient with me. I promise I will try to post more often and get back on track. Love you guys!! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weigh In for Week 3

So the big number for the day is:

-1.6 lbs.!

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I also hit my 5% goal today!! So I am currently 12.2 lbs. down!

I feel really great and I even went and got my toes done to commemorate! :)